3 English Teaching Jobs for Non-native English Teachers


I’m going to be really frank with you for a second before you look at my spreadsheet. Or if you don’t want to read my spiel, go ahead and skip past this bit. I think that non-native English speakers are just as capable at teaching English as native speakers. Whether or not you were born into an English-speaking household does not dictate your teaching abilities. I grew up in a Podunk small town in the Midwest, and honestly, I would trust my neighbor from India to teach English over anyone in that town. The point is, your ability to teach English has more to to with your personality and teaching style than it has to do with how long you’ve been speaking English. Okay, rant over. Enough about that, because you’re here to find a job. Below, I have a spreadsheet of three companies that hire non-native speakers, including some other extremely important information such as pay-rates, whether or not they require a TESOL or equivalent, and more. If you’re interested in working for any of these companies, I’ll have a list of application links below as well.

Application links:




Do I need a TESOL certificate?

By no means do you absolutely need a TESOL certification to teach English online, but most companies either require it, or prefer it, especially for non-native speakers. In addition to having more qualifications, which will improve your chances of being hired, it’s a good idea to have the educational background that the TESOL provides. You will gain a lot of knowledge about how to teach English as a foreign language if you invest the time into learning from a quality TESOL course or equivalent, and this knowledge will improve your own experience, as well as the experience of your learners. I personally recommend the 120-hour TESOL course which is offered through International Open Academy. You can use my affiliate link below, or click the image to enroll in their course for only $19.00!

International Open Academy TESOL course – $19


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2 thoughts on “3 English Teaching Jobs for Non-native English Teachers

  1. I would like to be a online English teacher, currently I work as a Social Auxiliary Worker working with orphans and vulnerable children coming from disadvantaged families
    I conduct awareness campaigns, social behavioural change programmes, support groups and facilitate YOLO programme at schools


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