5 Companies That Let You Teach English From Your Smartphone

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This is an odd-ball, but this is a question that I’ve gotten a lot. Are there any apps or companies that will let you teach English with your smartphone? Let me preface this by saying I don’t personally recommend that you use your smartphone to teach English if you have access to a good computer. The convenience and portability of the phone don’t outweigh the capabilities of a computer for me personally, because I like to have a big screen for viewing and hearing my students. Plus, most of these companies don’t pay as much as the computer-based companies such as QKids or VIPKid. If you’re still reading this, I assume that you’re committed to the idea of teaching English from the convenience and portability of your smartphone, and more power to you for it. I won’t question your reasoning. Below, I have a quick, simple spreadsheet with five companies that will let you use your smartphone to teach English. The spreadsheet has information such as hourly rates, whether or not you need a degree, and more. Below the spreadsheet, you can find the application links to these positions.

Application links:




English Ninjas


Do I need a TESOL certificate?

By no means do you absolutely need a TESOL certification to teach English online, but most companies either require it, or prefer it. In addition to having more qualifications, which will improve your chances of being hired, it’s a good idea to have the educational background that the TESOL provides. You will gain a lot of knowledge about how to teach English as a foreign language if you invest the time into learning from a quality TESOL course or equivalent, and this knowledge will improve your own experience, as well as the experience of your learners. I personally recommend the 120-hour TESOL course which is offered through International Open Academy. You can use my affiliate link belowto enroll in their course for only $19.00

Teach English Online! 120-Hour TESOL certificate course – only $19 today! Enroll Now!


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