3 Amazing Online Teaching Jobs for College Students

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If you’re like I was, you’re probably scratching your head trying to figure out how to get into teaching English part-time so you can earn some extra money. When I first started, it was pretty much the tail-end of the “wild west,” period for this industry, meaning that if you wanted to teach English, you really didn’t have to jump through too many hoops to get your foot in the door.

Nowadays, however, most companies, especially those based in China, have put higher expectations on their teachers. Even the company I work for requires a Bachelor’s degree, but luckily for me, I was “grandfathered in,” before those requirements came into play. Despite the greater demands put upon teachers for these companies, there’s still hope for college students who want to teach. In this article, I’ll be telling you all you need to know about 5 companies that hire college students!


Magic Ears

Magic Ears is a fantastic English teaching platform that was founded in 2016. Since then, they’ve been providing top-notch English lessons to thousands of children in China, and have a growing reputation of being a great company to work for, with some of the highest pay-scales in the industry. More importantly, they normally require their teachers to have a Bachelor’s degree, but they make exceptions for college students! There’s no minimum number of hours you’re expected to work each week, so as long as you’re willing to work off of their time zone, your schedule can be pretty flexible.
Hourly rate: $19-26
– Be a native English speaker with a love for teaching children
– Hold a 120-hour ESL certification.
– Teaching experience is preferred, but not required.
Additional notes:
– Since this company is based in China, you will be working off of their time zone, so you should expect to be starting your shift at around 5:30 AM, Eastern time.
– All of the lesson material is provided by Magic Ears, so you don’t have to design lessons!

Apply to Magic Ears here!


English Ninjas

In terms of pay, English Ninjas definitely isn’t incredible. What makes English Ninjas great is that it’s amazingly flexible. It’s no secret that most college students are pressed for time. Between sitting in class, studying for exams, and working on assignments, we really don’t have a set schedule for anything that we do. That’s where the flexibility of English Ninjas comes in. Their service is open 24/7, so all you have to do is login and teach when you want. Or, if you know when you’ll be available, you’re free to schedule your time in advance! If you want to set your own schedule and get some teaching experience under your belt, English Ninjas is definitely a solid gig.
Hourly rate: $10
– Be a friendly, welcoming native English speaker who can talk about a variety of subjects– your students will decide what to talk about at the beginning of class.
– Experience and certifications are preferred, but not required.
– Even though you’re free to teach whenever you want, it is still important for you to remain relatively consistent with your schedule in order to make sure your students keep coming back.

Apply to English Ninjas here!



ALO7 is a solid company to work for. Although this company isn’t as well-known as others such as VIPKid or Magic Ears, they offer some of the best pay rates in the industry, and they hire college students. Just like the previous companies mentioned in this article, ALO7 offers a good deal of flexibility, but they do expect you to work at least 6 hours each week. If you can’t make that kind of commitment, either Magic Ears or English Ninjas will be a better opportunity for you.
Hourly rate: $15-27
– Be a native English speaker who lives in the US, Canada, UK, or Australia.
– Be willing to work at least 6 hours per week.
– Hold a 120-hour ESL certification.
Additional notes:
– Just like Magic Ears, this company is based in China, so you will be working off their time zone. Your shift will start around 5:30 AM Eastern time.
– All lesson materials are provided, so you don’t have to design lessons. You only have to teach them!

Apply to ALO7 here!


Disclaimer: in some cases, there MAY be referral links within my articles. Please understand that by using referral links, I may earn a commission.


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